hi! my name is mackenzie and my music taste is whatever i've shazam'd while looking at overalls at the gap. i eat ricotta straight from the container because i have flexible boundaries and think this is what ina garten would do. i will read your tarot cards and ask you to go square dancing with me sooooo many times, no matter how many times you tell me "eh, no!" 

these are all the stories i shouldn't tell at parties, but i definitely do after my lips start to get all kinds of red-winey and i start to rub people's forearms really slowly because i like them and feel comfortable enough to tell them about all the men i've given hives (at least two, possibly three but i don't feel like doing the math right now).

you may have read my old blog. i swear i talk less about lattes and cobblestones now, have barred the word "lovely", and and am more radically emotionally transparent as possible because oh boy, i have a lot of feelings and stories that only make sense if i do so, and not enough time or care to figure out if what i'm writing is libel. cute!